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Our Program

Music Together Gurgaon (#MTG) is proud to offer the Music Together® program since November 2012. The founders, Alpita Patel and Vartika Bawa, close friends who saw the impact of the research-based Music Together® program on their own children and themselves, were passionately driven to extend its reach to other families. In a truly enriching journey of over 5 yrs, Music Together Gurgaon has grown the MTG community from increasing its reach from only 16 to over 350 families currently. Music Together classes are now offered in Preschools and as Family classes in various centers around Gurgaon.

Since its inception in New Jersey, USA in 1987 by Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Dr Lili M. Levinowitz, , Music Together® has emphasized the importance of having parents and caregivers actively participate in  the music-making experience with their children. This is based in part on the work of early childhood educator Lilian Katz, who noted that while children can learn skills and knowledge from any adult, they learn dispositions only from their loved ones; by participating in class as musical role-models. Now, there are millions of families in over 2500 communities around the world making Music Together!

Bringing Harmony Home®

From babyhood through the early elementary years, the Music Together program nurtures each child’s natural musicality. It brings families together by creating a rich musical environment in the classroom and later facilitating family participation, with our recordings, home materials and songbooks, in spontaneous musical activity at home which is so important to music development and early childhood learning. Our research-based music classes are designed to be non-formal and non-performance oriented, so your child can learn at his or her own pace, in a way that’s developmentally appropriate.
By emphasizing actual music-making experiences, we introduce children to the pleasures of producing music instead of passively consuming it from iTunes or TV.

By enrolling in our children’s music program, you’ll experience a whole semester of classes led by one of our trained teachers. No matter what music class you take at Music Together Gurgaon, you’re guaranteed to learn new songs and music activities to inspire you to bring music into your family’s everyday life.

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