For kids in school
with their teachers

Rhythm is an inborn instinct and comes naturally to everyone. Imagine if your child’s random musical moments at home can be enhanced by a structured curriculum at school with ‘In-School‘ classes.


For infants under 9 months
and their grownups

Chances are, you’ve seen a glimpse of the music-maker inside your new little one, as he coos and wiggles when you sing a nursery rhyme or starts moving when you put on your favorite song. At birth, infants are already alert to musical sounds and naturally responsive to volume, movement, tempo, and melody.

Mixed Age

For kids birth to 5 years
and their grownups

Participating in any form of learning with your child is priceless, especially in the formative years! Imagine how you can experience both the delirium of a peppy beat as well as the pleasantness of a calm melody if you accompany your child to the classroom!

Big Kids

For children ages
5 years to 7 years

Your child is at the age where she’s eager to take on new challenges and learn new skills. Five-, six-, and seven-year-olds are ready to lead musical activities with their peers. They want to dig deeper and understand how music works. That’s what our drop-off music classes for big kids are all about.

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Amazing benefits of learning music

Music makes babies smarter

Babies are musical beings even before birth – even newborns are amazingly oriented to become music-makers. Because they begin to hear and respond to sound in the womb, most babies’ sense of hearing is well developed at birth, and they are already alert to musical sounds—especially the voice of a parent singing! Playing music to your baby can activate the neural pathways responsible for many skills, boosting general skills such as creativity or more specific skills like spatial intelligence, language and memory.

Music supports toddlers growing skills

Early in life, music has tremendous power to support the developing child in all their growing capacities. In addition to being enjoyable for its own sake, it forges unique connections in the brain, integrating mind, body, and emotions. Introducing music into your toddler’s life with Music Together®, you offer them a rich music experience that stimulates their cognitive, sensory and motor skills and facilitates a deeper understanding of learning habits and dispositions.